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Different types of video-marketing :

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

There is many video formats available to express your message, promote your products or your brand. In this post, you will find all the particularities you need in order to increase your online audience.

01 Démo videos :

First of all, demo videos are produced in a purely demonstrative way. Meaning, they allow us to present clearly a product, a brand or a service so that the customer understands it perfectly. It can be many things such as an unboxing, a guided tour of your offices or simply a demonstration of your services. The particularity, is that no scenario is needed to explain what we offer.

For example, it will help you generate more traffic during targeted promotions on Facebook ads or Google ads.

02 Brand videos :

Secondly, Brand videos are mostly utilized to express a message, a vision or the mission of your brand.

In this type of video, the product or service comes in second place. Here, what's the most important, is the message you want your audience to notice. How will your audience feel when they hear the name of your brand? How will they feel when they see your logo? That's what matters!

Also, this type of video helps to reinforce your branding, stand out between the others, and lastly, showing off your style and the values of your trademark. Altogether, potential clients will be in mesure to better identify themself to you, your brand and your identity. With a strong branding, they will not only buy a logo or a simple service, but also an ideology that fits them best.

03 Events videos :

Does your company host a non-lucrative event, a conference, a funding raise or the release of a new product soon ?

Event videos are the solution! Use them to build awareness around your brand on your different social media plateforms.

Firslty, you'll need to make a video about the event and the highlights of the night. Secondly, make sure to also capture the ambient emotion that was there. By doing so, It will totally bring some huge interest to your company for your prospect clients and will make your branding even more stronger.

04 interviews :

Interviews are one of the most underrated video formats in digital marketing, because it will increase the trust that the customer has for you.

Ask questions to experts in your field and people with big influence. In fact, their visions and what they have to say is really important.

Even if some of them disagree with you on a certain subject, you can still have a great discussion with them in a constructive way!

05 Tutorials and instructional videos :

This type of video can be really powerful to generate more organic traffic on your website, YouTube channel or any other social media plateforms you may have.

For example, help your audience understand how your products work. Show them how to do their own maintenance on the installations you may have done for them. In fact, it can be an excellent way to keep contact with your actual clients and bring in new customers on your profiles.

06 Animation videos :

In 2D or 3D, animation videos are a great way to explain some more abstract concepts that can't be filmed like the operation of a software or a scientific principle that is essential to your company.

Simple clear and straightforward, those videos will consistently produce content on the side without affecting your normal activities. By doing so, you will save some precious time.

07 Customers testimony:

Customers testimony are one of the best ways to demonstrate to your prospects that your product is the way to go in order to resolve their problems. Also, they will see that you offer a quality service by letting your customers express their thoughts regarding your company.

If you can, record some testimony of your customers speaking about their experience with you and how you have helped them to resolve their problems.

Everyone knows that you won't ever talk bad about what you sell. However, we, people, have some kind of trust issues when it comes to something new. By asking others about their experience with you will feed their trust and they will be more willing to chose you instead of your competitors.

08 Live streams :

Last year, we could observe the astronomic augmentation of live videos. As a matter of fact, many events were canceled but live videos have allowed us to keep contact with our audience.

Actual technology allows you to present a conference in front of thousands of people without going out of your office. Your audience can react and you can interact directly with them, talk, answer their questions without renting a big venue or hiring people. In fact, one or two people is enough to manage a quick livestream. You can then push the concept as far as you can and even host your own show if you want to.

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