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3D Mockup 

3D mockups consist of creating a product; a packaging in 3D. This enables you to preview what the final result will look like and adjust it as much as desired.

base texture.png


Patron creation 

We first need to work on a 2D surface to create the design we want. We export all the faces of our model to obtain a plane like this one.


2D design 

We then apply the desired design on the surface we want to put it on. 

base texture white.png


3D model 

We can now create our 3D model and apply the desired design to it. 


Final render

We then apply texture and lighting to our scene in order to make it come to life.  Pictures are also taken from different angles to allow the client to really see how the finished product will turn out.   l

mockuo 3d 04.png
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